Vegan, Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant based protein powder protein derived from plants. Vegan protein powder is a great way to help with digestive balance as they contain healthy amounts of fiber which can normalize bowel movements and have shown to reduce the risk of gut inflammation. If you're looking for something easy to digest, vegan protein powder may be the answer. Not only is vegan protein powder free of allergens but it's also gluten-free and absorbed quickly by the body.

Most people can easily digest the ingredients found in plant protein powder including hemp, pea, rice, seeds, and quinoa. You may recognize these as some of the main sources of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Many of the ingredients used to make vegan protein powder contain essential vitamins, nutrients, omega3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These ingredients also have a naturally pleasant taste, eliminating the need for flavor additives. Plant-based products require less processing, as well.

When it comes to muscle recovery, pea (the main ingredient in most plant protein powder) is credited with increasing muscle thickness. And doing so as effectively as whey protein. Combined with other ingredients like quinoa and hemp, plant-based protein offers beneficial amino acid profiles as well. Plant protein powder (when made from organic plants) helps protect the environment through organic farming. Studies show that this method helps counteract global warming. It's also said to help add minerals into depleted soil and promote both sustainable water and food supplies. Vegan protein powder lets you nourish your body and the earth at the same time.