Sustainble & Ethical Jewellery: Crystal Necklaces, Jewelled Trinket Boxes, and More

Sustainable and ethical jewellery means transparent and responsible sourcing practices and use of sustainable materials. It has a minimal impact on the environment, isn't involved with conflict, and gives back by way of fair wages and safe working environments. Sustainable & ethical jewellery has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment they're produced in. They are made by using materials you can trace back to the source, to ensure they've been produced in an ethical way.

TVGS has a range of sustainable & ethical jewellery in the form of crystal necklaces, healing stone necklaces and so on. Wearing your crystals & stones is a great way to keep them close to you and recharge yourself. Crystal necklaces are a great way to start integrating the power of crystals into your life, especially if you don't have the time to meditate with your crystals every day.

Our range of sustainable and ethical jewellery comes with unique qualities that are designed to empower you toward creating and owning your own best life. You may choose a stone that is your birthstone or a crystal that resonates with you. Are you ready to select a piece that resonates with you?