Vegan Handbags & Tote Bags

Vegan bags are made from vegan leather, which is made from materials such as fruit waste (banana, pineapple fibers, grape skins, and apple skins), recycled plastic and rubber, and polyurethane (a polymer). Some of the other materials used to make vegan handbags and tote bags include tree bark leather – made of sustainable timber, coolstone leather – made of sewable slate stone, muskin mushroom leather – made of mushrooms, piñatex – made of pineapple bush leaves, cork, lotus flowers, and paper. Vegan bags and vegan leather are usually a lot less harmful to animal and nature than genuine leather.

Vegan bags are much better for the environment than other leather alternatives. A vegan bag won’t require the death of an animal. Since vegan handbags are vegan, most of them are also recyclable. Companies that make vegan bags are usually environmentally conscious. Vegan bags typically have recycled materials for the lining, plastic, zippers, and other product components. Vegan leather is a lot thinner than real leather and much more lightweight which is great for fashion as it makes it easier to work with. Our carefully curated vegan tote bags and vegan handbags collection consists of brands who are environmentally conscious and products that offer the highest quality for our vegan customers.