Eco-Friendly Watches: Wooden Watches & Bamboo Cork Watches

As we become increasingly aware of the world’s climate crisis, consumers are leaning towards more sustainable options when it comes to watches. There is emerging preference for sustainable eco-friendly watches. There are many eco-conscious brands that combine both style and sustainability when it comes to sustainable eco-friendly watches. There are watch brands with solar-powered and sleek timepieces that are perfect for work. Other labels sell sustainable eco-friendly watches made from natural materials. There are also brands that design watches to fit modern lifestyles and current fashion trends minus the carbon footprint.

A brand respects the environment when its timepieces are designed to generate the least environmental impact possible by practicing carbon-neutral operations and using reusable, recyclable, and minimal packaging.

When looking for sustainable eco-friendly watches, look for watches that feature faux leather instead of genuine leather. If a brand is using plastic in their watches check if they are using recycled plastic. It’s also possible to recycle stainless steel and other metals in watch cases.

Most brands make wooden watches which is something to consider when looking for a sustainable eco-friendly watch. Most watch manufacturers are doing their part to minimize their impact on the environment.

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