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The Vegan Gift Shop - TVGS

We offer vegan friendly, organically, and ethically sourced products and services for your family and home at TVGS eco-considerate online department store. We are against child labor and we embrace women entrepreneurship on all fronts above.

At TVGS, we believe in providing a safe space for anyone embarking on their journey towards veganism. Coupled with sustainability infused fashion products, ethical collaborations, and artisans’ touch, we bring a vast portfolio of products to your doorstep. We are proud to have managed to cater to the mind, body, and soul by bringing live, spiritual, healing, fitness, and other interesting experiences to our vast customer base aspiring to experience something out of the ordinary.

The global vegan market is encouraged by the growing awareness regarding the tests on animals as well as cruelty in the food industry, which has led to a significant shift towards plant-based food products and completely away from animal based products. The growing popularity of the vegan diet and the emerging trend of following veganism resulted in an accelerated demand for vegan products. TVGS cares to fulfill such demands from every corner to make sure every kindhearted human is sustainably satisfied with everyday needs.

In United States and Europe, a rising proportion of population has stopped consuming meat, as a result embracing alternative food, such as plant-based products. Further, the rising awareness of the benefits of consuming these products has played a key role in the adoption of vegan food, thereby, facilitating the market growth. In the coming years, the rising adoption of a vegan diet in emerging regions and product diversification are expected to propel the growth of the market forward. TVGS platform stands for the purpose of connecting and facilitating vegan consumers, producers, artisans, and suppliers into the world’s largest vegan marketplace.

Social Welfare

At TVGS, we are committed to social welfare causes. We work globally with five major activity interests:

We are not in the habit of selling our social welfare progress or use them for promotional purposes. For more details, please contact us through our membership programme to learn more on how to be part of current campaigns or to develop your own campaign.

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