Giving Back - The Vegan Gift Shop

20% Of Our Profits Contribute Directly To Working With Grass Root Organisations & Projects That Support The Lives & Development Of Children In Developing Areas.


The Vegan Gift Shop was created out of the necessity for brands and businesses to not only do more for the communities they serve but also contribute the greater good of the world. We understand that there is so much more we can all be doing to have a positive impact on the world, simply by choosing to.


By making the decision to shop with The Vegan Gift Shop you’re making the decision to:


  • Only buy products that are not harmful or detrimental to animals, people or planet.
  • To reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Support small business.
  • Contribute to grass-root community projects internationally.


With every order we process, we allocate 20% of the profits to a fund that will be routinely donated to actionable causes.

As we grow and expand with your continued support our positive impact will grow allowing us to do more in areas that count!


The Official I Heart Africa Logo The Continent Of Africa Supported By Two People

I Heart Africa have made it their core mission and objective to provide year-round financial and administrative assistance to two centres of care for orphanages, one in Kinshasa & one in Goma. In addition to ensuring there’s always food, clothing, medicine and education available to the children their focus is on long term individual development. By working in continuous liaison with the centres I Heart Africa are able to respond to the needs of the children and staff funding supporting training courses to help enrich their lives.

Active Projects:

The Masika Centre:

iHeartAfrica’s flag ship project, the very reason they were formed, to assist the continuation of the legacy of the late Mama Masika. As a survivor of extreme sexual violence Mama Masika began a refuge for other women and their children who had been brutalised. Masika who transitioned in February of 2016 left a compound dedicated to taking care of orphaned children, it’s now ran by her daughters who provide round the clock care to as many as 20 children at a time.

The team are rebuilding the compound maximising the available space to be able to take on and support more local children.


An international Pan-African technology school building and refurbishment initiative spearheaded by Chakabars & FuseODG. The team are working to refurbish the Haile Selassie High School in Payneland, Jamaica whilst the Ghanaian counterparts are tirelessly working to build a secondary school in Akosombo. The plan is to connect these schools via technology and the implementation of a shared pan-African curriculum with the greater goal of bridging the gap between the diaspora and the continent.



As we grow and expand with your continued support our positive impact will grow.