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100% Cotton Luxury Comfort Trippy Bed Set

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100% Cotton Luxury Comfort Trippy Bed Set

Your duvet cover can instantly transform your bedroom, but more importantly your mood, so choose a style and quality that compliments you and your energy.

Made from 100% cotton, the world’s most widely used natural fibre, versatile cotton makes the perfect bed linen; cool, lightweight, soft and breathable. Natural cotton bedding is the perfect choice as it makes brilliantly breathable duvet covers, perfect for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, something man-made fabrics can't guarantee.

Snooze under our 100% cotton duvet covers and enjoy a superior sleep.

Available Sizes:


Duvet Covers


50 x 75cm
19 x 29"

150 x 200cm
59 x 79"


50 x 75cm
19 x 29"

150 x 220cm
79 x 79"


51 x 90cm
20 x 36"

180 x 220cm
70 x 86"


51 x 90cm
20 x 36"

260 x 220cm
78 x 90"


51 x 95cm
20 x 36"

290 x 235cm

86 x 94"

    Care instructions

    We recommend washing this bed linen at 40º C but it can be washed at 30ºC. Lower temperatures save energy, helping to be kinder to the environment.

    Reducing your lifes impact on the planet by choosing reusable options instead of one-use disposable plastics.

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