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Natural Raw Tourmaline

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Natural Tourmaline Quartz For Physical Vitality & Negative Energy Absorption.

Black Tourmaline is a premium protection stone, its deep black appearance works to absorb negative energy in its proximity. Humanity has had a long-standing tradition of using Tourmaline, its uses are vast and revolve around cleansing & purification. Black crystals represent the cosmic creational potential of the universe, the darkness represents the void that all matter comes from which helps the wear cultivate creativity.

We live in a world set up to systemically attack and condition the human psyche into self-doubting self-destructive behaviors, it’s no surprise in the rise in mental health issues. Black tourmaline is great for restoring balance and mental fortitude. It’s effects on the physical body range from boosting the immune system helping fight of common colds.

The crystal has been tested and proven to be one of the best naturally occurring electromagnetic shields making it great for people who work around computers or rooms with WIFI. It's advised for those with bad sleeping patterns and night-terrors to sleep with Tourmaline under their bed at the head side to draw away the negative energy whilst you’re the most vulnerable.

Reducing your life impact on the planet by choosing reusable options instead of one-use disposable plastics.