Natural Shungite Tumble Stones - Polished - The Vegan Gift Shop
Natural Shungite Tumble Stones - Polished - The Vegan Gift Shop
Natural Shungite Tumble Stones - Polished - The Vegan Gift Shop

Natural Shungite Tumble Stones - Polished

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Shungite, The Stone of Life For Immune System Strengthening, All Round Physical, Spiritual & EMF Protection.

Shungite is a 2-billion-year-old power-stone considered a marvel of the natural world, it provides 24/7 unwavering protection against harmful unseen dangers of our modern technological world for both body, mind and spirit.

Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of pure carbon. The Fullernes acts like an etheric antioxidant that neutralises free-radicals linked to the physical appearance of aging. We as living organisms are carbon-based beings. Carbon appears to our eye as a dark colour described as black. Melanin is made mainly from Carbon which regulates the colouration. Carbon and thus Melanin is found in humans, animals plants, soil, rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. 

Primary Uses:

Shungite For Water Purity.

For thousands of years, Shungite has been used to cleanse water eradicating harmful bacteria that are disruptive and destructive to the bodys naturally occurring organisms. It's been confirmed its beneficial properties are linked to the high levels of fullerenes.

Shungite For EMF Protection.

Shungite has been independently researched and studied worldwide and is believed to have the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation. The reason that Shungite is believed to be able to do this is due to the fullerenes inside harmonising the environment in its close proximity.

  • Assists In Evolving Spiritually.
  • Boosts Energy.
  • Catalyst For Growth And Transformation.
  • Cell Rejuvenation.
  • Cleanses And Purifies Water And Adds Beneficial Minerals.
  • Clears And Balances Aura And Chakras.
  • Clears, Activates And Aligns ALL Chakras.
  • Enhances Metaphysical Abilities.
  • Grounds Energies To The Earth.
  • Increases Personal Power.
  • Normalizes Sleep.
  • Powerful Protective Stone - Shields The Wearer From Negative Energies Of All Kinds, Including Psychic Protection.
  • Promotes Positivity.
  • Provides Healing On All Levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual.
  • Raises Vibration.
  • Removes Negative Energies And Thoughts.
  • Restores Emotional Balance.
  • Shields From Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (Emfs) From Cell Phones, Computers, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Tvs, Etc.