Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl - The Vegan Gift Shop

Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl

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Copper Crafted Chakra Connected Soul Bowls For Tuning & Healing

Sound has been used as a method of healing since before time was recorded and singing bowls have been used since the time of ancient sakyamuni Buddha and the bon tradition.

Striking singing bowls can create the famous universal sound of cosmic energy, the “OM” sound . The “OM” sound created by the such high-quality singing bowl is the most identical sound that match the sound of the universe, or the cosmic energy.Different Chakras have can create different sounds that correspond to different chakras of the body as described below.

The first chakra, located at the bottom of the spine, is known as the MOOLADHARA/ROOT CHAKRA.

Its colour is red. This chakra holds the essence of creation, elimination and grounding to the earth. Its functions are survival, self-preservation, the physical body, family, security and sense of smell. War, famine, natural disasters and any other events that threaten your basic survival are all recorded within the energies of the first chakra. The root chakra’s ruling planet is Saturn. The stones related to this energy are garnet, onyx, ruby and obsidian.

Balancing this chakra energises the physical body and controls fear, greed and jealousy. The bodily functions that the root is linked to are the excretory, urinary and sexual and reproductive organs along with the adrenal glands. When poorly grounded, your spatial understanding is impaired. You may stumble around physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

  • Keynote: C
  • Frequency: 256 Hz.
  • Chant: Uh
  • Energy: Grounding


The second chakra, located in the lower abdomen, is known as the SWADHISTHANA/SACRAL CHAKRA.

Its colour is orange. This chakra holds the essence of desire, sexuality, pleasure and procreation. Its functions include emotional elimination, water regulation, sexual function/drive and sense of taste. Opening the sacral chakra isn’t about enhancing sexuality, but more so about focusing primal energies upon greater awareness so that you can enjoy the flow of life.

The sacral chakra’s ruling planet is Pluto. The stones related to this energy are coral, carnelian, garnet and moonstone. Balancing this chakra gives stability in your emotions, vitality, fertility, reproduction and sexual energy in general. When this chakra is balanced, you feel full of wonder and awe for your connection to the greater cosmos.

  • Keynote: D
  • Frequency: 288 Hz
  • Chant: Ooo
  • Energy: Life Energy

The third chakra, located in the higher abdomen, is known as the MANIPURA/SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

Its colour is yellow. This chakra holds the essence of willpower, laughter, dynamism and achievement. Its functions include digestion, the assimilation of muscle groups and sense of sight. Opening the solar plexus chakra can aid in your self-esteem, self-direction, self-worth and how you honour yourself as a person. Your egoic personality, which develops during puberty, is housed in this chakra.

The solar plexus chakra’s ruling planet is Mars. The stones related to this energy are amber, jasper, topaz and citrine. In opening your third chakra, you may reach deep into your own sense of self and find your balance or boundary point; this provides great foundations for growth within and without, Success in the material world is then achieved with ease.

  • Keynote: E
  • Frequency: 320 Hz.
  • Chant: Oh
  • Energy: Power

The heart chakra ultimately deals with love and love of self, and this is the midpoint between the realms of heaven and hell in your own heart and mind, not externally. The heart chakra is the centre of your being. There are three main chakras below and three main chakras above, as above so below. A discord or imbalance in the heart chakra will adversely affect all of the other energy centres. Aspiration and endeavour lie here.

The fourth chakra, located in the chest area, and is known as the ANAHATA/HEART CHAKRA.

This chakra holds the essence of compassion, inner peace, self-realisation, love and acceptance. Its functions include electromagnetic-field generation, lung function, shoulders, upper back, blood pressure stabilisation, immune system/thymus regulation and sense of touch. Balancing the heart chakra is beneficial for spiritual love, compassion, universal oneness and self-love. All desires become manifested once the heart is activated.

  • Keynote: F
  • Frequency: 341. 3 Hz.
  • Chant: Ah
  • Energy: Compassion, Love

The fifth, sixth and seventh chakras are recognised within higher human evolution and the higher self. One has bypassed lower emotions and lives in harmony with the truth. Compassion and understanding now come forth. Reconnection with spirit, wisdom, faith and courage become strong foundations for daily living, whilst your natural state of abundance and prosperity is embraced. Illumination lies here.

The fifth chakra, located in the neck area, is known as the VISHUDDHI/THROAT CHAKRA.

Its colour is blue. This chakra holds the essence of creativity, communication, following ones dreams and self-expression. Its functions include metabolism, calcium regulation, thyroid gland function and sense of hearing/sound. The opening of the throat chakra enhances speech and opens up communication areas of the brain.

  • Keynote: G
  • Frequency: 384 Hz.
  • Chant: Eye
  • Energy: Communication, Creation

The sixth chakra, located at the mid-brow, is known as the AJNA/THIRD-EYE CHAKRA.

Its colour is indigo. This chakra holds the essence of truth, vision, psychic knowledge, crystal thought, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence and the ‘sixth sense’. Its functions include hormonal/physiological regulation and pituitary and pineal functions. Connecting with the third-eye chakra brings psychic perception and creative intelligence in all that you do.

The third-eye chakras ruling planet is Jupiter. The stones related to this energy are amethyst, purple fluorite, clear quartz, moonstone, sapphire, moldavite and sugilite. The sixth chakra is the place of ‘shamanic seeing’. When in balance, you have a heightened sense of intellect and can perceive information several levels deep. Ajna is the bridge that links the guru with his disciples. It represents the level at which it is possible for direct mind-to-mind communication to take place between two people.

  • Keynote: A
  • Frequency: 426.7 Hz.
  • Chant: Aye
  • Energy: Insight, Wisdom

The seventh chakra, located at the top of your head, is known as the SAHASRARA/CROWN CHAKRA.

Its colour is violet. This chakra holds the essence of psychic abilities, inner states of bliss, connection to spirit, faith and inspiration. Its functions include pineal gland balance, illumination and union with the cosmos. Sahasrara is beyond human sensory perceptions. Connecting to the violet flame awakens your connection the Christ consciousness (God Source) and transmutes negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

The crowns ruling celestial body is the moon. The stones related to this energy are amethyst, moldavite and selenite. It is the chakra of intuition, promoting thought and an inner sense of knowing. When functioning optimally, the crown chakra allows inner communications with your spiritual nature to take place.

  • Keynote: B
  • Frequency: 480 Hz.
  • Chant: Eee
  • Energy: Transcendence

**Chakra Information Taken From YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit**